Monitor Calibration and Profiling

If you don't calibrate and profile your monitor, you're just guessing. Here is a step-by-step guide to getting this essential work done. More movies, so bring the popcorn.

Color Space and Color Profiles

Let's geek out! Understanding color models, color space, and color profiles and how they relate. We also show you some movies that help set up Photoshop.

Color Management Overview

To get the colors you want in your images, you need to understand how color works in digital photography. This page provides an easy-to-understand primer on color management.

Raw vs. Rendered

Raw or JPEG, that is the question. This page provides information to help you decide which format to save your images in.

Color space and profiles

This is a guide to color space and profiles

Color Management Basics

A guide to the basics of color management

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Last Updated September 22, 2015