Digital Tape

High capacity and ease of automation makes digital tape a viable backup for larger photo studios, institutions, and corporations.

Optical Media

Optical storage can serve as a valuable backup to hard drive based storage.

Disk Configurations

Hard drives can be set up many different ways. Find out what will work best for you.

Write-once Media Validation

Unlike rewritable media, such as hard drives and tape, write-once media, such as optical discs, can be validated with absolute certainty if you follow this procedure.

DNG Validation

DNG format has validation tools built in, which makes it a uniquely suitable archive format. We explain how this works.

File Format Migration

File formats can become obsolete, especially proprietary ones. New formats can provide better capabilities. The solution is to convert old formats to newer, better, and safer formats.

Migration Overview

Currently there are no permanent solutions for storing digital content. No media lasts forever, and file formats become obsolete.Migration must be considered as a necessary part of any storage strategy.

Hard Drive Handling

Hard drives are amazing devices, but as complex precision devices, they need to be handled carefully.

Hard Drive 101

Hard drives are currently the primary means photographers use to store their images. We give you all the background information.

Storage Hardware Overview

We give you a basic understanding of the various data storage tools and how to use them to protect your data.
Last Updated September 22, 2015