Rendered File Formats

Rendered file formats are formats that are ready to be edited in a bitmap graphics editor such as Photoshop.

File Format Overview

We outline the various file formats that are used in digital imaging and how to choose between them.


A fast computer speeds up workflow. What do you need and how do you set it up?


Best ways to avoid going numb while you work.

Metadata Overview

One of the advantages of digital image files is that they can contain or be associated with sets of descriptive data. There are several formats, schemas, and methodologies involved. In our overview, we discuss the basic concepts.


The digital camera is the start of a born-digital workflow. Learn how they work and how to choose the right one for your project.


So you want to know how color works in digital imaging? This section tells you everything you want to know (and then some).

Commercial Printing

If you are preparing files for commercial printing, You'll want to read this section. Good RGB to CMYK is possible by mere mortals.

Camera Profiling

You can also profile your camera. Is it worth it or not? We report, you can decide.

Desktop Printer Profiling

If you want to get the absolute best quality - and best match to your profiled monitor - out of your desktop inkjet printer, you need to make a profile for it. Don't be afraid, we show you how.
Last Updated September 22, 2015