The Ultimate Tethering Guide

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Master Tethering Best Practices with Our Free Tethering Guide.

Create better images and work more efficiently while keeping your files safe and secure by incorporating an archival tethering system into your workflow.

ASMP, the leader in business education for imaging professionals, and Tether Tools, the go-to resource for all your tethered photography needs, have partnered to offer The Ultimate Tethering Guide — FREE

With 8 chapters covering everything you should consider when setting up your tethering workflow, you'll learn:

  • Which tethering solutions are appropriate for your needs
  • What hardware you need to set up a secure tethering system
  • Which software supports the tethering functions you want
  • How to set up the most commonly used tethering solutions
  • How to back up your tethered captures on the fly
  • Best practices for wired and wireless tethering
  • Tethering with dSLRs and medium format backs
  • Streamlining your archival tethered workflow

This free download offers in-depth instruction for those who've never tried tethering and advanced tips for experienced tethered photographers looking to streamline their workflows.

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Last Updated September 22, 2015