We've changed a few things

Returning readers will immediately see that we've changed a few things around here. It starts with the background color, just to get your attention. But it goes much deeper than that. Over the last two years, we've heard a lot of feedback. The loudest request has been to add content about motion imaging to the site.

New Video Content

In response to that, we've added Richard Harrington to the team. He brings a deep knowledge of video technology best practice and workflow to the table. He also brings an easy-to-understand style to both his writing and video tutorials. You can see most of his contributions with the menu tag "Video", as shown in the figure below.

Other New Stuff

In addition to the Video content, we've added a number of new pages that are applicable to both video and still imaging. We have also rewritten a number of existing sections, updating them for new developments in the industry and also to add clarity.  All of the menus for these new and rewritten pages contan the "new" tag as shown above.

Still Updating

We've decided to launch the new site, even though we're still updating some of the content. This means that you'll see some new pages over the next few weeks. It also means that you may come upon some pages with missing figures and movies. We thought it best to get these new pages out right away, and will get the gaps filled as soon as possible.

By Peter Krogh | Posted: September 22, 2015, 12:00 am | 0 comments
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Last Updated September 22, 2015