Performance - Video

A good video editing workstation will require different hardware than a good still image editing computer. This page outlines what components will make the most difference.

Energy Audit

Electricity is an invisible background cost to much of digital photography

Computer - Video

This page will outline what you need to know to configure a video editing workstation.

Camera Scan Workflow

This workflow example demonstrates the workflow used to scan and archive over 50,000 black and white negatives for Center Stage in Baltimore using the camera scan technique.

Camera Scanning

This page outlines the considerations for setting up and operating a camera scanning system.

Panorama Stitching

With the advent of digital capture, a number of new avenues of exploration have been opened for panoramic image making. This page discusses the basics of digital capture and processing of panoramic images.

Photo Restoration

Photographic prints will often deteriorate or become damaged over time. Once these prints are digitized, there is an opportunity to make corrections to the image. This page presents some strategies for restoring and repairing faded and damaged photographs in an efficient and non-destructive manner.

CMYK Workflow

This page describes the process for converting an RGB file to CMYK for printing on an offset press. Files coming into this workflow will have originated as either RAW files that have been processed in a RAW converter such as Adobe Camera Raw, or as a RGB masterfiles that have been optimized in Photoshop.

Optimized Image Workflow

This page describes the general process for a workflow where the photographer is in charge of producing a final image - one that may require retouching, image compositing, and/or localized corrections. This is a workflow typical for commercial and advertising photographers, architectural photographers, and more.

Batch Output Workflow

This workflow example demonstrates the simplest system we recommend for processing a shoot. In this example, the work is done with an all-in-one application - in this case, Adobe Lightroom, along with backup software. Images are ingested, processed, output for delivery, and then archived.

Last Updated September 22, 2015