File Management Overview

The object is to stay organized. What are the best methods for naming, storing and handling files to achieve that goal?

HDR image editing

Find out more about high dynamic range imaging, a popular and useful technique well suited to digital capture.


Sharpening digital image files is one of the most important aspects of image quality.

Catalog PIEware

Combining parametric image editing with catalog organization provides a unified workflow tool which we call Catalog PIEware.

Parametric Image Editing

Parametric image editing works by saving instruction sets that change the appearance of images without changing the original data

Pixel Editing

Pixel editing alters image appearance at the pixel level. Although it alters the original data, it is sometimes the only way to achieve certain types of edits.

Image Editing Overview

Image editing is a central part of the digital imaging workflow. There are two primary technologies in use along with many techniques and directions to go in.

Computer Overview

We look at the components and how to set up a realiable and cost- effective digital darkroom.

Raw File Formats

Raw files have some unique capabilities for digital imaging. They also have some unique issues.

Working & Delivery File Formats

Certain file formats are made for image editing (working) and some are best for delivering images.
Last Updated September 22, 2015