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Understanding and using correct terminology is an essential part of establishing your workflow and communicating with others in the production chain.

CMYK Workflow

This page demonstrates in movies and text, how to prepare a CMYK file for output.

Optimized Image Workflow

Optimized workflow produces final images that have  received more individual attention than occurs in a batch workflow, sometimes much more.

Batch Process Workflow

Batch process workflow is efficient because it is largely automated. All-in-one applications can greatly facilitate batch processing.

Planning Overview

Understanding the life cycle of an image has become a critical element of planning your digital imaging workflow. All workflows have the same basic file life cycle; capture, ingestion, works-in-progress, and archive.



Copyright Registration

Copyright registration is an often neglected part of digital photography workflow. It is best practice to register your images as soon as possible after they are created.
Last Updated September 22, 2015